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We offer a wide range of Dental Treatments at our Clinic here in Dublin 6.

If you are looking for a safe, friendly Dental Clinic for you and your family in Dublin, look no further, at Crown Dental we treat each patient like family, and work endlessly until they get the result that they want

Check-Ups & Consultations
Routine dental check-ups and consultations are an important part of ensuring good oral health. Taking care of your teeth, gums and general dental health starts with a dentist check-up, a consultation with a specialist, the development of a treatment plan and professional cleanings.

Dental Hygienist Treatments
Regular Professional Dental Hygienist visits are vital to your overall health. Brushing and flossing are a very important part of your good oral hygiene, but they cannot remove that stuck on tartar that can lead to decay and further infection in your gums

For Nervous Patients
Fear of the dentist is the number one reason that adults put off seeking out dental treatments. This often results in simple issues becoming emergencies due to delayed treatment. We are experts in treating nervous patients at Crown Dental.

White Fillings
If you are suffering with toothache you may find you have one or more cavities or decay. The only way to get relief is to get a filling on the effected teeth, otherwise the decay will only continue to expand and lead to additional concerns, as well as potential tooth loss.

Root Canal Treatments
Root canal treatment is necessary to reduce pain and preserve the natural tooth. When the pulp inside of your tooth has become infected, which can happen through damage sustained directly to the tooth, or through tooth decay a root canal is needed.

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removals
In some cases it is necessary to remove one of your teeth. We offer stress-free, pain-free tooth removal procedure to our patients

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